Interior Design

Interior design is about making places that induce an intended quality of experience and facilitate an intended activity. Be it residential, public or office spaces how a space is designed has a direct impact on its success. At Curry Design we work with clients to identify intended uses and a quality of atmosphere to make spaces that people love to inhabit. As we are focused on the special needs of each client, we often find it necessary to design custom furniture, cabinets and casework. Our work has won multiple design awards, and has been featured in design magazines. Call us. Let us make great space for you.



Faculty Residence: Budapest, HUNGARY featuring custom designed furniture made by Terrence Curry


Built in a former grocery store in the Bronx, NY, a place for middle school boys was created on a tight budget by making use of volunteer labor, donated materials, bold colors, attention to detail and a deep understanding of the school’s educational philosophy.


interior office view

Employment Agency Offices: Van Elslander Family Center, Detroit, MI. An open office plan making use of custom designed reception desk, work spaces and casework.