When I was teaching at the Budapest University of Technology, I founded a studio with a great workshop. It was in Hungary in 2005 that I was introduced to Felder and Festool. These are by far the best tools I ever used. I still have the Festool Drill I bought in 2005. I couldn’t take the Felder Table Saw and Joiner with me. But I did manage to get new ones for my studio/workshop here in Brooklyn. 

Terrence Curry

Terrence M Curry is a Catholic Priest, an Architect, Craftsman and Teacher. He is the Owner/Director of Curry Design LLC where he designs and makes custom furniture, exhibitions and interiors. Fr. Curry holds degrees in Architecture and Theology, and a PhD in Design Theory. With 35 years experience Fr. Curry has taught at leading schools of design and engaged in professional practice in the USA, Europe and China.

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