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Custom furniture, cabinetry & installation Design

Who We Are

We make custom designed furniture, cabinetry, installations and exhibitions. We value craftsmanship, innovation and refinement. We are award-winning designers and craftsmen committed to the pursuit of Beauty through refined design and quality craftsmanship. We make use of traditional methods and advanced technologies. We work with real materials solid wood, leather, metals, oil. We engage with these materials to coax out the intended function and a feeling of beauty. We work with clients to discover innovative solutions for complex design problems. We design it and make it in our studio/workshop at Industry City, in Brooklyn, NY.

We engage in a “conversation” with the materials as we simultaneously engage in a conversation with you. The wood tells us what is possible. You tell us what you want. Somewhere in the midst of this intimate dialogue a piece of furniture emerges: a piece of furniture that is unique — that is yours. 


What can we make for you?

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Discovering Possibilities
Expert Craftsmanship
Innovative Solutions
Made to Last
Terrence Curry

Fr. Curry is the founder and director of Curry Design LLC. He has spent most of his life in the pursuit of Beauty. He is a craftsman, designer and teacher. He is a Catholic priest (Jesuit),  a registered architect and holds a PhD in design theory. Fr. Curry has been making things since he was able to hold a piece of wood (or string, or metal, or plastic…) in his hands and imagine what it could be. At eight years old his mother bought him his first power saw. When he was in high school he added an extension to a neighbor’s house, inspiring him to study architecture. Since then he has designed and built numerous award-winning projects. After 35 years teaching at design schools around the world. Curry Design LLC is where he can do what he has always loved doing: making things.

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What we do

With experience ranging from making furniture to designing buildings, Curry Design has the know-how, skill and expertise to help you with any size project from conceptualization and design though making and installation.



Curry Design specializes in making custom designed, hand crafted furniture from real materials in a variety of styles. Projects have included conference tables, residential furniture, cabinetry, altar furnishings, exhibitions, and specialty installations.


Exhibitions offer tremendous freedom and opportunity for creativity and innovation in design. We design exhibitions that communicate and display ideas and products. Exhibitions are built in the workshop and assembled on site.


At Curry Design interiors are about making places that function as intended and induce a desired quality of experience. Award winning projects have included residential, workshop spaces, schools and health care

What we have done

What can we make for you?